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Our 52nd year!

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52nd Year

On a moment's notice . . .   head for a nearby lake for the weekend, or point your Sportsmobile to more distant points — breath-taking mountains, refreshing seashore, or the solitude of the desert. Better yet, just keep on going for that trip of a lifetime — Alaska or circle the United States with jaunts into Canada and Mexico. Some Sportsmobile owners continue their adventures for years!

And since you’re totally self-contained, you can opt for primitive campsites nestled in tall pines, beautiful state and national parks or luxury RV resorts. Once back home, just unload the refrigerator, and the stuff you bought on the trip. That’s it! You’re ready to go again on a “moment's notice.”

Sportsmobile . . . A "Double Value"

Unlike a large motorhome, a Sportsmobile is far more than just a luxury purchase for occasional use. It's a practical investment for everyday transportation, weekend enjoyment and extended cross-country travel. Our surveys show that 98% of Sportsmobile owners also drive it as their first or second family car. They're comfortable to drive, easy to park, economical to operate, and have very good resale value.

Fuel Economy

Ford: V8 - 15 mpg • V10 - 12 mpg
Chevy/GM: V8 - 14 mpg
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: Diesel • RB 22 mpg • EB 20 mpg

This is average overall city and highway mileage reported by Sportsmobile customers. Of course there are a number of factors that will effect the MPG — how fast you drive, van model, conversion, cargo weight, etc.

What We Do

We convert Ford, Chevy/GM and Mercedes-Benz vans into luxurious travel homes, and for many other uses. We offer lots and lots of choices so you can have it just the way you want it. We sell factory direct to your specifications.

Our Home Page is Long . . .
It's designed to give you a quick overview of Sportsmobile, plus the steps in acquiring a Sportsmobile should you be interested.

There's lots more information on our other pages. Thank you for visiting our site.

Factory Direct To Your Specs

We can serve you from
three manufacturing and sales locations.
map of three locations in United States noting Sportsmobile as the oldest company in North America manufacturing travel homes

Sportsmobile North Inc

Huntington IN

Sportsmobile Texas Inc

Austin TX

Sportsmobile West Inc

Fresno CA
"For us smaller is really better, especially after having owned three Class A and C motor-homes. We have storage for everything we need and can go anywhere we want without restrictions and in comfort. And unlike our other motorhomes, our Sportsmobile is economical and fun to drive." —Michael & Brenda Birrell

By going direct you work directly with an experienced Sportsmobile designer in planning your Sportsmobile. Plus, you develop a personal relationship with the manufacturer. And there's no dealer in-between!

Planning Your Sportsmobile

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See our Flowchart under the Information main menu button

1. Select A Van

Ford Ford just announced the Econoline will have a 2014 model year. Between model years 2014 and 2015, the Econoline van series and the new Transit van will be manufactured at same time. The Econoline van series will be discontinued once the new Transit van is in full production.
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

RB (Regular Body van)
EB (Extended Body van)
LB (Long Body, Sprinter only)

Running boards, stripes, awnings and aluminum wheels are options.

2. Add A Top

Ford or Chevy/GM

Penthouse top
Expandable top.
Sleep two upstairs. (O)
Ford & Chevy stand-up 82".

Contempo top
Mid height.
Ford stand-up 69", Chevy 71".

Voyager top
Sleep two upstairs.(O)
Ford stand-up 72", Chevy EB 75".

Cruiser II top
Ford & Chevy EB only
Sleep two upstairs.(O)
Ford & Chevy stand-up 80".

Need to garage? Penthouse G installed on a converted RB Ford 8600 GVWR van measures about 83" exterior height. Only available for Ford RB vans.


Streamlined for travel. Only 19'4" long.
Manual or electric motors (0)
Sleeps two upstairs. Stand-up height 8'.

Penthouse Expandable Top available only for RB Sprinter low roof vans. See Sprinter Options for more information.

3. Decide On A Floor Plan

or modify a Sportsmobile
floor plan.

See Standard Floor
Plans menu buttons
under Ford
and Sprinter vans

"After years of tent camping, we found the ideal unit for travel-camping designed by Sportsmobile. The quality of workmanship, flexibility in design, and knowledgeable, helpful staff, all combined to make this a purchase we haven't regretted for a second." —Charles & Arleen

Design Your Own

It costs about the same.

We supply the van plans and cutouts for furnishings.

You supply the scissors, removable tape and patience. You can call us when you need help.

See Design Your Own (DYO) menu buttons under Ford and Sprinter vans

You can also design online.

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4. Conversion

You can select a Standard Floor Plan or Design Your Own. The cost is about the same!

If You Like Choices, You'll Love Sportsmobile. After all a van travel home is a sizeable investment and will become a close member of your family for many years. Why not have it just the way you want?

  • Minimum conversions to fully self-contained
  • Seat up to 8, sleep up to 4
  • Cherry or dove grey cabinets
  • Upholstery and floor covering choices
  • Baths? Again, there are lots of choices.
  • Options? We have a long list so you can equip your Sportsmobile to best meet your travel and fun needs.

We offer many different interiors. This
one shows forward-facing sofa/bed.

Contemporary styling for a pleasing uncluttered look. Clean, simple designs feel more open and never become dated. Sportsmobile interiors are comfortable, functional and space efficient throughout.

The gaucho converts into a comfortable bed in seconds.

Dinettes can be any length. A table can be any size.

Convert into a very large bed or twin beds with walk space.

Third and fourth Captain's recliners are removable, swivel and have fore/aft adjustments.

Baths The electric flush Porta-Potti and the built-in Marine toilet are the most popular toilets. Various showers and shower compartments are available.

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5. Select Options  to satisfy your specific needs and whims. You also can delete any Standard Equipment item for credit including the propane system and stove.

  • Leather Seats
  • Air Conditioners
  • Attic Fans
  • Furnaces
  • Water Heaters
  • Solar Panels
  • Microwave/Convection
  • Generators
  • TV's, Sound Systems
  • Awnings
  • Roof Racks
  • Custom Striping
  • And many more
4x4 For Serious Offroading!
  • Sportsmobile 4WD
  • Aluminum bumpers
  • Hella Lights
  • Entry Steps
  • Recovery Tools
  • Compressors
  • Custom Wheels, Tires
  • Custom Sound Systems
  • And many more

For a Quick Cost Idea

'14 Ford RB Van well equipped with a Sportsmobile conversion, Penthouse top, A/C, furnace, and some other popular options will start about $70,100.

'14 Chevy/GM RB Van will cost about $800 less.

'14 Ford EB Van well equipped with a Sportsmobile conversion, Penthouse top, A/C, furnace, and some other popular options will start about $72,652.

'14 Chevy/GM EB Van will cost about $2,000 more.

4x4 Conversion available for Ford vans including
larger wheels and tires. Add about $20,000

'14 Sprinter RB Van well equipped with a Sportsmobile conversion, A/C, furnace, and some other popular options will start about $73,439.

A 4 cyl. Mercedes-Benz diesel engine is standard all Sprinters: Add $247 for 6 cyl.

'14 Sprinter EB Van well equipped with a Sportsmobile conversion, A/C, furnace, and some other popular options will start about $82,294.

Sprinter LB Van add about $2,000 additional for van and conversion cost over EB van.

Financing Sportsmobile offers RV financing.

RV Interest Deduction May be deductible as second home. Check with your accountant.

RV Insurance is often less than a car

For more detailed examples see "Price Examples" page under each van manufacturer main menu.

The Process

Essentially these are the steps . . .

  1. We order the van for you to your specs with a $1,000 deposit, $2,000 for a Ford 4x4. If we have an empty van in stock you can use it for conversion. Or you can supply the van, as long as it has an adequate load capacity.
  2. If we supply the van, you will need to pay for it when we receive it, prior to our starting the conversion. Less the deposit.
  1. We will review your order for a final time for accuracy prior to conversion.
  2. When you take delivery we will conduct a thorough check-out with you. An owner's manual will be sent to you prior to your arrival.
  1. If everything is to your satisfaction, you can then make the final payment for the Sportsmobile conversion.
  2. We are very confident you will be quite pleased with the entire process. We haven't had an owner drive off yet that wasn't smiling.

Besides Travel, Here's Some Other Sportsmobile Uses

See Gallery main menu button for more uses.

Toy and gear haulers
Water sports
Dog handlers, trainers, mobile veterinarians and groomers
Lots of various businesses
Canoers, kayakers, sailboarders
Mobile Disabled
Trailering. Up to 10,000 lbs. Ford and Chevy/GM. Up to 5,000 lbs. for Sprinter.
Mobile medical
Cinematography and production

4x4 Search & Rescue — 17 ordered by country of Qatar for international humanitarian aid

Touring vans with lots of seating, fold-up double bunks

According to Sportsmobile owners' report forms, about 98% use their Sportsmobile for their first or second family car.

A pleasure to drive every day

Miscellaneous Info

Safety We believe our safety record is unsurpassed.

We're known for quality. No one builds them better, with more innovations or at a better dollar value.

Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) All applicable codes are followed for installation and testing of propane, electrical and plumbing systems.

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) Each Sportsmobile conversion is certified.

Warranty We're so confident in our product that we give the best motorhome warranty in the industry: 50 Months/50,000 Miles! The vans and appliances are warrantied by their respective manufacturers. See our Warranty page under the General Info main menu.

We believe Sportsmobile is the oldest RV van manufacturer in North America. No one is more experienced.

Who Buys Sportsmobiles? Here's a recap of 100 occupations taken from owners' report cards. A number are retired. There are many more.

Aerospace Engineer
Landscape Maintenance
Office Worker
Astronaut (2)
Pool Service
Business Counselor
Insurance Underwriter
Pro Cyclist
Self Employed
Marriage Counselor
General Contractor
NASA Quality Control
Aircraft Mechanic
Nurse Practitioner
Park Ranger
Computer Systems
Wetlands Biologist
Verizon Communications
Production Scheduler
Tool & Die Maker
Railroad Conductor
Naval Officer
Technical Worker
Computer Programmer
Computer Consultant
Cabinet Maker
Police Officer
UPS Driver
Business Owner

We depend on it! A large number of our sales each year are from referrals.

Here's an unusual one. Perry Watson showed his new Sportsmobile Sprinter to his 93-year-old father. The result, his father and mother are shown with their new Sportsmobile.

Owner Loyalty?
Lots of Sportsmobile owners are driving their second Sportsmobile, a number their third, and a few their fourth or fifth.

The Samuelsons of Ohio took delivery of their third Sportsmobile. They left their second Sportsmobile for us to sell on consignment. This is an often repeated scene.

Watsons Update 10/24/07

Here are Mr. and Mrs. Watson, parents of Perry Watson, taking delivery of their second Sportsmobile. Mr. Watson is now age 96.

The Watsons first big trip in their new Sportsmobile will be a three-month jaunt to Alaska!

Owners Survey Responses . . .

Sportsmobile was their first RV - 46%

How many formerly owned a "big" RV - 26%. A towable - 22%. Van camper/conversion - 32%. Note - many checked more than one.

Compared Sportsmobile with other Class B van conversions before
buying - 85%.

Also use their Sportsmobile for their first or second family car - 98%.

Where Do Sportsmobile Owners Live?
Every state in the United States. Also, a number of foreign countries: Belgium, Canada, Chile, England, France, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela.

Sportsmobile Social Club rallies are a great way to make new friends, share experiences and just have fun. Members come from all over the U.S. and all avocations. One thing they all share is a sense of adventure and a love of life.

4X4 Sportsmobile Rallies are held annually in the Western U.S. and Baja, California. Destinations are remote, challenging and spectacular. They’re all educational, entertaining and lots of fun.

Good Food
Great Scenery

Our Philosophy is Simple

We believe we have a moral obligation to help you obtain a Sportsmobile that will provide you and your family many years of pleasure and service — as well as being a sound investment. From years of serving customers all over North America, as well as many foreign countries, we're confident that we can do just that. This moral commitment is backed by sound business logic. It just makes good sense to assist you in every way we can. A high percentage of our sales each year come from repeat sales and referrals.

We look forward to serving you!