Our 52nd year!

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Ford RB van with optional Penthouse Top (black sidewalls special order), roof carriers, ladder, bumpers LED lights,
special tires

and wheels,
fender flares
and 4x4.

"Liked my first Sportsmobile so much I decided to get a new one. I live in Colorado and travel all four seasons, mostly the West Coast and Baja. This one is equipped exactly for my needs." — Chad Christy

The RB-50 is one of our most popular floor plans — has been since we first built it for Volkswagen vans in the '60s. Black cabinetry (O).

Just The Right Size!

For play Planning a long trip? A family weekend? A spur-of-the moment getaway? The Sportsmobile is for you! With a fully-equipped galley, sleeping, and living areas, there's no limit to the fun you'll have.

The RB-50 can also be installed in EB vans. The additional 20" length to the rear can be used for a longer bed, additional cabinets or cargo.

For work One word describes the Sportsmobile RB-50: Versatile. Use it for daily transportation and those weekend chores. The RB-50 has an open area in the rear and a large floor area up front. It's ideal for transporting practically anything you want to carry.

For everyday Unlike most RVs, you can drive your Sportsmobile every day. It feels and drives like a van, with an overall length shorter than most SUVs. That makes it easy to maneuver and easy to park, plus it packs plenty of power for towing and mountain driving.

Penthouse Top (O) lowers for streamlined good looks and fuel economy. Stripes and running boards (O).

Seat flips out in a second. Penthouse Top creates a spacious interior.

Penthouse bed (O) lowers from ceiling.

Some people sleep upstairs and use the downstairs for a living area.

There's lots of storage under the removable rear-bed mattress.

The space-efficient galley is quite adequate. A microwave is also available.

Porta-Potti (O) slides out for use. Can also serve as a seat with its hassock cover.

Attractive contemporary styling never gets dates.