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"I ordered our Sportsmobile without ever seeing one, except their website, while stationed in Japan. The transaction was handled smoothly by e-mail and phone. A little nervous? Yes. Happy after taking delivery? Very!" — Jerry, Caroline and Susan Dechert

The RB-150S has been one of our most popular models, and variations of it, for many years. The Penthouse Top and mid-side stripes, top photo, are (O) options.

With the Penthouse you can sleep four. A Porta Potti (O) can stow below the microwave (O). A Porta Shower or an outside shower wand are (O) options. Solid surface counter-top (O).

Note — the Penthouse is available only for the RB, regular body, Sprinter with the low roof.

The galley works well for light meal preparation. The flat glass stove is an option in place of the standard stove, which can be deleted for credit. If you prefer, the slide-out pantry can be a storage compartment with a door.

1. Seat three facing forward. An outboard lap/seat-belt and two lap belts are standard. There are four lower vents for the furnace (O). The Danhard 110V A/C (O) has four upper vents. A thermostat is included. A table, not shown, mounts on a tripod so you can also use it outside.

2. The sofa flips out in seconds for a large 54" x 72" bed. The 5.5" of firm and soft foam with a quilted cover ensure sleeping comfort. Day/night shades and opaque curtains provide privacy.

3. The Penthouse bed (O) main section is made of the same thick dual foam as the sofa.

For more info on this popular plan see:
Sprinter Penthouse Top page and
RB-150SM (Modified) with Penthouse Top page

Looking from the Rear

Sprinter's Captain seats have multiple adjustments for long distance travel comfort and lounging. Add swivels (O) and have socializing seating for five with the sofa. The removable side cabinet provides storage accessible from inside or outside the Sprinter (see top photo).

A clothes closet is to the rear with a shelved compartment forward. Sliding doors provide convenient access. Bed section is removable for large cargo. It will also stand vertically in back of the sofa. A compartment below the floor is also available.

What's Standard Equipment for the RB-150S? Please see the Sprinter Standard Plans page.

RB-150S Variations

Sprinter . . .
It's really cool looking.

Only 19' long. Parks in a standard parking space.

Penthouse Top, fiberglass running boards and Sprinter aluminum wheels are (O) options.

You can arrange and change furnishings as you like — within certain design and safety limitations.

Example 1

If you prefer a larger refigerator order the 4E (3.6 CF) in place of the standard 3E (2.7 CF).

Example 2

This plan includes the two-door 7E refrigerator. No. 1 is a furnace (O),
No. 2 vents for the Danhard 110V A/C.

Example 3

Bath compartment is located in back of the driver's seat in this model. Toilet can be a built-in Marine toilet or a Porta Potti.

Freightliner Sprinter RB only 19'4" long. Parks like a car. About 22 mpg.

— Dr. Mike & Mrs. Evelyn Tanner

Another RB 150S variation. The toilet compartment, without a shower, has twin bi-fold doors that open for more space. As is often the case, the propane system and stove were deleted for credit.

Black cabinetry is also available.