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Flow Chart


Plan Your Sportsmobile
Just the way you want it

Select Your Van

Select A Sportsmobile Top

Ford & Chevy/GM

Ford Chevy vans are made with a "low" roof. top options are shown below

Penthouse Expandable Top Fixed Tops
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Sprinter vans are made with a "high" roof. The Regular Body (RB) 144" wheelbase is available with a "low" that can have the Penthouse Top option installed.

Penthouse Expandable Top

Need Some Design Ideas?

Select Your Options

Note: most people select their options after they select a Standard Plan or DYO. See the Options price sheet for a complete listing. You can also select and total your order on the Options sheet.

Select your colors and materials. This is usually the very last item people do. See Ford/Chevy Colors & Materials page or Sprinter Colors & Materials page. We can also send you samples.


Let's Get Started

1. Select A Standard Plan See links in "Need Some Design Ideas" section above.
This Flow Chart page is also applicable.


2. Design Your Own (DYO) Cut & Paste See the DYO Info page.

Cut out the furnishings that have some interest to you. Then make different layouts on a van grid plan (use removable scotch tape). If a Regular Body (RB) van isn't long enough you may want to go to the Extended Body (EB) van plan, or the Sprinter's Long Body Van (LB).


3. DYO Online See DYO Online welcome page.

"It was a real pleasure working with Sportsmobile."
— Paul & Laura Imperias

If you get !@#% frustrated . . . It's OK. Everyone is from time to time when they design their own plan. However with patience, persistence and some compomising, it will all come together. Over the years we've found that practically everyone is very pleased with their design after it's built. In fact many will order their next Sportsmobile just like it.

Need help? Contact us. An experienced Sportsmobile Designer will be happy to work with you. No obligation of course!

You are welcome to visit one of our locations

  • By visiting, you can see how Sportsmobiles are built, completed units, and make a test drive.
  • An experienced Sportsmobile designer can then work with you in laying out a plan to meet your specific needs — and whims!
  • Cost sheets will be itemized so that you can easily delete or add items.
  • Keep in mind that if you order, your order can be changed up to two weeks prior to production.
  • Copies of plans, cost, etc., will be made so that you can review your layout at your leisure. Have questions? Contact us and we'll pull your file.
  • Want to make a change? Just let us know and we will make the changes, revise the cost if any, date the changes, and send you copies.

Long Distance?

  • We are accustomed to working with prospective buyers from all over the United States and many foreign countries. Some have never seen a Sportsmobile.
  • We do this by communicating by phone, e-mail, fax and mail.
  • Usually the plan will go back and forth several times to firm up a design.
  • Prior to production your order will be reviewed once more for confirmation.

Ordering & General Information

"We love our Sportmobile this much." — Susie and Earl McDonald

Last Step Send a copy of your paperwork, cost sheets, etc. to us. We'll review them for errors an add comments we feel may be helpful to you. Then we'll return the mterial for your review.

Would you like to order? Please send a $1,000 deposit, or $2,000 if it will have 4-wheel drive. Upon receipt, we will put you on the production schedule and contact you to again review your order. Keep in mind you can change most items on your conversion order up to two weeks prior to our starting production of your Sportsmobile.

For more ordering info:

Systems & Miscellaneous Information

Almost all the questions that are asked about the following items are answered in these site pages.

Systems Info
  • The 12V System
  • 110V Systems
  • Propane
  • Water
  • Holding Tanks
Solar Panels
  • Purposes
  • Controllers
  • Typical 12/110V Amp
    Requirements & Usage
  • Models
  • Portable
  • Operations Instructions
  • 110V/Amps Usage
Capacities Sportsmobile Quality Sportsmobile Safety Miscellaneous Questions

Still have a question? Please do not hesitate to Contact Us.