Sportsmobile Sprinter EB-110S

Awning, Mid-Body Stripes and Aluminium Wheels are options.

The EB (Extended Body) 110S is a very popular Standard Plan, and variations of it. It's only 23' long outside, but look at what you can do inside.

Hard surface counter top, flush-mount stove, large stainless-steel sink and pull-out faucet are now standard. Flush-mount LED ceiling lights are also standard for Sprinters without a Penthouse Top. Options shown: roof A/C, attic fan, convection microwave, 4E refrigerator in place of the standard 3E.

The Dinettes convert into a queen-size bed or two 30"-wide twin beds. Dinette bed extension, now standard, will flip over for use as an end table. Options shown: dinette upper bollsters, 22" TV with swivel arm.

Combo Bath, Marine Toilet & Sink Cabinet

The combo bath and sink compartment is very popular with the ladies. Its clean contemporary styling is bright and easy to clean. The entry step can be lowered if you like. Options shown: bath window and attic fan that also helps ventilate the bath.

Storage? The photos above show some of the compartments. There's also a large closet next to the dinette, the seat cushions hinge up for additional space.

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