Seeing A Sportsmobile

Where Can I See A Sportsmobile?

Visit One of Our 3 Plant Locations. We have completed Sportsmobiles for show and sale. We will also show you Sportsmobiles under construction. This way you can see how they are made, how our quality controls work, etc.

Sportsmobile Owners are always very happy to show their Sportsmobile. Let us know and we will send you the names of several in your general area.

Sportsmobile Shows

Scheduled shows

ShowLocationOn Display
May 12Mercedes Factory Up Fitters ShowLas Vegas, NVRB-50 4x4 Sprinter
May 15-17Overland ExpoMormon Lake, AZRB-50 Sprinter 4x4
EB-50 Ford Classic 4x4
RB-50 Ford 4x4
June 25-28Overland RallyPlain, WARB-50 Sprinter 4x4
EB-50 Ford Classic 4x4

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