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Sportsmobile Forums

A lot of Sportsmobile owners, 4x4ers and travel enthusiasts gather here to share information, photos and help answer questions. The curious are especially invited.

Note: There are more than 340,000 forums to choose from if you go to and enter "Sportsmobile forums." Sportsmobile is not affiliated with any forum. But we sure appreciate so many people chatting about Sportsmobiles!

RV/Travel Clubs

Expedition Portal
Expedition Portal is a huge site for the community of expedition travelers intent on exploring the distant and remote places of the world.

Passport America
The original 50% discount camping club. More than 1,600 quality campgrounds.
Create your own personal profile and web space, post pictures, keep an online journal. Forums, campgrounds guides and more.

Dedicated to providing a total support network for RVers.

Loners on Wheels
An international RV club of single men and women who enjoy traveling, camping, RV caravanning, and camaraderie and lifestyle of singles.

RVing Women
The largest club for women RVers. They hold rallies and also have a meeting place on the Internet.

Special Military Active Retired Travelers is a club with more than 3,000 members nationwide.

Good Sam Club
This is the largest of the RV clubs. It offers a lot of member benefits for a small annual fee.

Happy Camper Club
Discounted fees at more than 700 campgrounds.

Recreation USA Camping Guide
More than 300 member campgrounds that offer sites for $10 per night to members.

RV Service/Supplies

Camping World
This is another great source of RV supplies and accessories. You can join their President's Club and save an additional 10%.

RV Zone
Find nearly everything related to recreational vehicles at this site. Offers information about groups, clubs, organizations, RV dealers and manufacturers, campgrounds, resorts and much more.

RV Dump Stations

Also see your Yellow Pages.

Interesting Reading

Travel Books USA
A large selection of unique travel books for RVers.

Travel Information

America's Scenic Drives
More than 200 of America's best scenic byways.

National Scenic Byways Online
Information on nationally designated scenic byways including All-American Roads and National Scenic Byways.

American Journeys
More than 2,000 pages of free RV travel information.

Mile by Mile
Detailed highway travel information for trip planning

Travel Smart Newsletter
The oldest consumer travel newsletter in the country.

Free Campgrounds of the American West
Great site to find places where you can camp for free in the Western United States.

Age of Reason
More than 5,000 sites of interest to ages 50-plus.
Network of sites for RV enthusiasts.

RV Trips
Resource with many RV links.

State Travel Guides

Texas RV Directory

Florida RV Directory

Public Lands

Bureau of Land Management
Information on recreation areas managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

Bureau of Reclamation
Lakes and reservoirs constructed by the Bureau of Reclamation.

National Park Service
Detailed information on America's National Parks, National Historical Sites and more.
Summary of recreation on public lands in the United States.

US Army Corps of Engineers
Access all the districts in the Corps of Engineers and the lakes created by them.

US Fish and Wildlife Service
Find the National Wildlife Refuges across America.

US Forest Service
Discover America's national forests and national grasslands.


US Postal Service
US zip codes and nearest post offices.

Maps and directions.

Expedia Online Travel Agency
Reserve hotels/other and destination information.

Encarta Encyclopedia
Online interactive encyclopedia

RV Advice
Free advice on just about anything related to RVs.

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